Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Shane & Rebecca




Karen & Chris

Capoeira and Brother, Joel, Chris & Kamini


Don't know the name of this guy but he does capoeira, that's why he kept jumping everywhere.

Rebecca & Becky

Mont Choissy

The beach at Mont Choissy in the north of the island, is one of the few public beaches in Mauritius, most of the sea side is taken by hotels and resorts. There wasn't much sand to sit on, the water came almost all the way up to the trees. However, it is very nice.


Karen, Karine & Annabelle

Amelia & Nadeem

Sandip, Vikki, Shane & Rebecca

Nicholas & Deborah

Becky & Vikki


Karen & Beatrice

Marie Luce & Leeane

This is Marie Luce's 2 year old daughter.

Laxmi & Jeyna

Monday, June 20, 2005

Kiran & Preeti

On Sunday, Answer Plus had a BBQ at the beach for all its employees. It was very nice! Many came, many were missing but in all we had a great time.

Deer in the fairway

First Tee


Par 3


More golf posts! Every time is a different experience, so I'll keep posting them anyway. Last Friday, like all Fridays, we went to play golf to new course, The Legends, at the Belle Mare Plage Resort; it's the course they use for the Mauritian Open every year. Shyam came with us and it was his first time on a golf course, he practiced a little and wasn't that bad at all! David and I were betting as usual and this time I won a pack of new balls. The most amazing part of the day was when we were walking down the fairway of the 5th and saw a herd of deer... It was unbelievable! There were at least 50 of them and seemed quite used to people as they let us come quite close. Here are the pictures of the day.


One of the newest agents on the TXD campaign. Her American name is Ashley Thompson.


Girrish is the one who teaches me Creole slang every afternoon before we start to work. He speaks very fast and most of the time I don't understand what he is saying!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Digging Team

The digging team! Kamini, Amelia, Joel and Andres. This pic was taken just before leaving the beach where we were stuck. Very nice experience!

Dangerous Bathing

I guess if they don't want people close to the water, they most definitely don't want cars! This sign would work a lot better a little closer to the main road!

Tow Truck

The truck that pulled us out. Had to take a pic to complete the whole photo session from being buried to being saved.


This is Kamini coming out of the sand with the help of the tow truck, 3 hours later at around 8pm.


Dig and dig with no success! And in Mauritius on a Sunday past 6pm there is no towing truck available! Finally Cesar, one of the Answer Plus drivers had a friend with a towing truck and came to pull us out.


We went to Roches Noires, a beach in the north, on Sunday evening and drove a little too far into the sea side. We were stranded for at least 3 hours before help came! It was very nice though... I plugged the iPod to the car and had a mini party.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Cap Malheureux

Cap Malheureux is in the north of the island; very interesting name, Bad Humor Cape. Like most Mauritian places, it has a very random name. I wonder who names these places. It is very beautiful anyway, the people in the picture are fishing to sell their catch on Monday's market.

Dancing Shannon

This is Shannon, she is French. She was dancing on top of the bar at Buddha Club, near my apartment in Grand Bay. Kamini, Joel and I went out on Saturday night to Buddha Club and later to Les Infanteries, which is the most popular club in the island. This girl is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen; she's the perfect combination between sexy sensuality and pure beauty. Will see her again next Saturday.

Baie du Cap

This is Baie du Cap. During the cyclone season the water level rises covering the road (two-way road) and making is impossible to transit the area. There have been many accidents here, but if you manage to go there at a time when the water is low, like I did, it is a beautiful sight!


Kamini just got her driver's license two weeks ago. On Saturday she took me for a drive around the south of the island. Here she is promoting her company on her car!


This is the driving range. We were sitting at the club house having lunch. Treatment was really 6-star! No wonder Hollywood stars come to this hotel for their vacation retreat!


This is the view of the Mauritian mountains from Ile aux Cerfs.

Ile aux Cerfs

Le Tousserock is one of the best resorts in Mauritius. The have their own private golf course in an island called Ile aux Cerfs (Island of the Deer), I went there last Friday to play golf in the morning. I can confidently say it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to! This picture was taken at the dock where you take the boat to go to the island... The next few posts will be pictures of the place.


Shane is a supervisor for First Funds. He is obsessed with the Knights of the Zodiac! He also drinks more coffee than anyone I have ever met in my life!


Prahtima is a second caller for First Funds (another campaign Answer Plus handles). She is going to get married next year and will hopefully meet Sai Baba soon!

Saturday, June 04, 2005


Interesting hair style... She also works for DHL. Her brother is getting married soon and I'm invited to his wedding. It's a Hindu wedding, very nice!


Annabelle works for DHL using Answer Plus call center capacities.

Friday, June 03, 2005


Leslee is one TXD's Account Executives in Vancouver. She is very much into golf which is always nice, maybe some day we will play together.


This is Tasha (left), my dear colleague. Lives in Vancouver and is the credit card processing master! She helps me a lot and I've been learning a lot from her. Her friend there is Kirsten at: "A local bar & grill called Lou's. It's our favourite hangout. Excellent drink specials".


This is Vishnu, one of the few Mauritian golf professionals. We went to play with Billy (David's coach) and David to the Belle Mare Links. Beautiful course. It turns out a links is a course where the constructors don't alter the terrain, they just shape what they have to make tees and greens. They only thing they include are bunkers. A golf course is designed by architect's and engineers and they do alter the terrain to make it either more flat or more rugged.

Funny Face

Kiran hates to be in pictures, Marie Luce was trying to force her to show her face. It came out to a funny photo. This was Friday again during the system breakdown.

The Models

Asha and Vanessa stole my camera last Friday and did a whole photo-shoot on them, posing with sunglasses, necklaces... Definitely not afraid of the camera! The system was down that day so we couldn't work; I bought pizza for everyone and had a nice dinner together.


This is the local stray cat. It has a male name, Pipo, but it turns out it's a she. Everyone shares their food with her... She's the pride of the building!