Monday, July 25, 2005


It is not very visible, but at the back you can see the ocean. It was a very nice setting: mountains, ocean and even deer around.


This little plain was were the trail ended and they had a few jumps for you to play around with the quad. We spent about 15 minutes there just jumping and making the quads skid; lots of fun!

Amelia & Sonia

Amelia and Sonia. Amelia (left) is officially the worst quad biker in the history of the quad. She was exceedingly scared while riding and didn't use the breaks much, I think she might have lost 5 kilos in that hour of riding just from being so nervous. Sonia on the other hand was a little more at ease and I guess it wasn't a nightmare for her as it was for Amelia.


It had been a while since I had done quad biking; I usually always ride motorcycles. These were real fun! Although they were automatic and had no gears, you could still feel its power, perhaps it's because we were at sea level. Anyway, after we did the trail I had mud all over my pants and my shoes. Amazing really, it reminded me of being in Colombia doing enduro.


This one, on the contrary, was very much alive and tried to put its horns in my stomach!


I poked it, pushed it, even tried to lift it! And it wouldn't react... If it wasn't dead, it was in a comma. The picture was taken at Domaine du Chasseur, which is a nature park with outdoor activities like horses, hunting, quad biking, trekking, etc. They also have dead animals...

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Office View

This is the view behind my office. I never thought much of it until today when I saw the sunset. It was very nice how the smoke mixed with the sky.

Monday, July 18, 2005



This is mall near the Bay in Port Louis.

Ferrari in Mauritius

Randomly saw this Ferrari F1 at the Caudan Water Front on Saturday while I was buying books. Never expected to see an F1 here.

Car Mirror

Sunset from Trou Aux Cerfs

Trou Aux Cerfs

This is a young dormant volcano as the plaque stated it; been dormant for about 700000 years. There is a hint of a rainbow to the right of the picture there. It's called the Hole of the Deer, but there are no deer here. It's mainly people running around the top and walking their dogs.

Alexandra Falls


I thought this was a very interesting road. Perfectly paved, no dry leaves in the middle, only two geometrically drawn leaf lines along the sides and trees all the way to the end were the water fall was. Alexandra Falls.

South Coast

Monkey sitting on Prayer

Thief Monkey

This lady was making her prayer to Hanuhman; was offering bananas and coconuts. The monkey there didn't have a problem stealing her banana just as she was offering it to the God!


Grand Bassin

Grand Bassin is one of the most sacred places in Mauritius for Hindu people. Once a year, all of the Hindus march for days through the island until they reach the lagoon were they make fruit offerings to their Gods. It has a 360-degree view of the island and you can see the ocean surrounding almost everywhere. There are temples here for Hanuhman, Vishnu and Shiva, and there are images of other deities as well.

Amelia, her cousin Anita, Sonia and I went for a mini roadtrip on Saturday to Grand Bassin and the surrounding woods. It was very nice, especially because of the weather! They say that it always rains up there, but when we went it was very pleasant and sunny.

Mare Aux Vacoas

This is the largest fresh water reservoir in Mauritius. It's very high up in the mountain in a very cold place for an island I guess. Before coming here, I always thought they would have fresh water issues, but there are plenty of reservoirs like this around the island and water has never been a problem.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

And More Office

More Office

I used to work at the desk in the back while Sandra was out on maternity leave. Now I sit at the table in front, which I like more because I have more space. You might wonder why I have 3 computers, and that is because I use the screen on the left as an extension to the Dell laptop; that's the one I use for work. The little one to the right is my personal mac and I've been using it lately to design some documents for TX Direct.


This is my work place at Answer Plus. I share the office with the Operations Director of the company; Her name is Sandra and her desk is below where I am taking the picture from. The computers outside the glass are the terminals where the agents make their calls.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Saturday, Kamini, Joel and I went to the Mauritian Archery Club for an archery lesson with Africa's #1 ranked archer. It was very nice! At the beginning your fingers and your arms hurt a lot but then you get used. We were shooting at a 5m target, however, competitions have targets at 60 and 70m. Next weekend I think we are going once again to practice a little more; it's a very different kind of entertainment.